New playoff system good and bad for Boise State

New playoff system good and bad for Boise State »Play Video
(KBOI) - It's official, the Big East Conference won't have an automatic bid to a "big" bowl once the new college football playoff system kicks off in 2014 ... at least not all to themselves.

They'll battler for a bid with four other conferences (Sun Belt, MAC, Conference USA, and Mountain West). The highest-ranked conference champion heads to one of the six bowls that will rotate as the home for one of the new semifinal games.

The plan gives teams who don't play in the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12, or ACC a clear pathway to a "big" bowl, but Boise State would have had just as much access to this bowl had they chosen to stay in the Mountain West Conference.

That shouldn't come as a huge surprise to Bronco Nation, but it's sure to put a larger spotlight on the revenue generated by the new Big East TV rights deal in order to justify the upcoming move.

Either way, Bronco fans can't enjoy the fact they're stuck on the outside looking in, even after upgrading conferences for the second time in three years.