The Reno Rivalry

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RENO, Nevada (KBOI) - We're inching closer and closer to Boise State's regular-season finale, and with BSU leaving for the Big East in 2013, quite possibly the final rivalry game against Nevada.

And what a rivalry this has been! From the quadruple overtime game in 2007, to the Pack's upset win in Reno two seasons ago.

Boise State players found "Championship week" taped up to their lockers this week, but with a first-ever Mountain West Title on the line, in a rivalry game, they didn't necessarily need reminding.

"It's definitely a rivalry. I think both sides will tell you that in a heartbeat. You know they're good program, they have been. We're a good program. We've been in a same conference, so we play each year, and all those games have been tough. I think both teams play extremely hard when we play each other," said junior quarterback Joe Southwick.

"Oh yeah, it's definitely one of the games that we look forward to, you know, at the end of the year, just playing these guys. Like I said, we know it's gonna be a fight. You know, we look forward to giving it our best shot, and we know we're gonna get their best shot," added senior cornerback Jamar Taylor.

Friday, we'll take a trip down memory lane. What did Reno learn from its fans after the 2010 game here, and why some Bronco fans have decided to come back to the "Biggest Little City in the World" once again.