Broncos pay homage to Trautman's rare honor

Broncos pay homage to Trautman's rare honor

ATLANTA (KBOI) - Even in Atlanta, Georgia, Boise State still has fans.

“They are like the everyman’s team,” said College Football Hall of Fame Curator Kent Stephens. “They are the little guy that everybody roots for. I think Boise has great national appeal.”

The Hall of Fame just relocated from South Bend, Indiana to Atlanta and opened on Saturday. Of the 1,167 inductees in the Hall of Fame, Randy Trautman is the only Boise State representative. The two-time All-American played on the defensive line. During his junior year in 1980, BSU captured the 1-AA National Championship.

“I can’t tell you how many of us went right up to his plaque and to see the video of him,” said Boise State Athletic Director Mark Coyle. “He did so much for our program and we talk all the time, there are so many student-athletes who laid the foundation at this place. And our kids get that. We want to make sure we are respectful. It’s cool to see his plaque and his placement in the hall of fame.”

Trautman was inducted in 1999.

”I do remember when Randy came to South Bend,” Stephens said. “He and his family probably had as much fun at the enshrinement then we ever had.”

Paul J Schneider was the “Voice of the Broncos” for 35 seasons, including during Trautman’s time.

“He was a little bit undersized but had a heart as big as all outdoors,” Schneider said. “He was a leader both on and off the field.”

Trautman grew up in Caldwell. He passed away in March.


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