Broncos ready to rally

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BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Back-to-back Mountain West Conference Championships, that's what life has been like for Greg Patton and the Boise State Broncos since joining their new league.

Led by Coach Patton's positive attitude, Boise State hopes that trend continues this season. And after a very successful fall Patton's Army stands ready to get after some of the toughest teams in college tennis.

"When you have that type of result, and you see how hungry you are, and you see how much they want it ... you've gotta throw them into the Coliseum with the Christians and the lions and battle it out, survive. But we have high hopes, we believe," said Patton.

Boise State starts their season Thursday night against Montana State and wraps up their opening week the following day against the Northwestern Wildcats.