Broncos showing heart by monitoring it

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For the first time, BSU will be wearing heart monitors during games.

BOISE , Idaho (KBOI) - Boise State women's soccer head coach Jim Thomas wants to get the most out of his players. So he brought in a new player this season, of the electronic kind.

“Every training session, every match, every lift that we do, every yoga session that we have, they are wearing a heart rate monitor so we can govern how much work load they do throughout the week,” said Thomas, talking about the team’s new heart rate monitors. They started using them in early August for training camp.

In a sport as aerobic as soccer, it's vital to work as efficiently as possible.

“We train them so hard, we push them so much, that at times you can be working just for the sake of working,” Thomas said. “It's more important for us to work smart than it is to work hard.”

The NCAA just allowed coaches to monitor heart rates during games, and it’s up to the staff to really focus on the key stats.

“What we are looking for is these guys to spike up to their highest output, so 90th to 100th percentile, for a very short period of time and then recover very, very quickly,” Thomas said. “That will be a sign of a player that can access their best.”

Thomas said recovery times usually take a player anywhere from :20-:45.

But don’t expect to see him wearing one anytime soon.

“I wouldn’t want to see that,” he said. “I think it would be up in the red a lot.”

The Broncos begin their season on Friday against Drake in Portland, Ore.