Special teams understands its role

Special teams understands its role

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - They aren't called on a lot, but some special team's plays get remembered.

Good and bad.

"An inch or two can change the outcome of a kick," said Boise State kicker Dan Goodale. "It can make it go wide. It can put it right down the middle."

The special team specialists, such as the kicker and punter, seem to know their place on the team And certainly know their gameplans.

"Our playbooks are like an inch thick of the Coach Harsin section," said punter Sean Wale. "And then the lineman come in and it's 200 pages thick."

It's not that they are the only ones that can make mistakes. But they don't get as many chances as players on offense and defense.

"We're kind of under the microscope because every other guy gets 40 plays a game," Goodale said. "We get 10 if we're lucky."

During fall camp, the specialists aren't always needed, but they still know how to pass the time.

"It's a tight-knit group with the specialists especially because the majority of our time is on the sideline, standing around and talking and making jokes," Wale said.

It doesn't matter whether it's pee-wee or the pro's, kickers still have the same dream.

"Throughout high school I always joked 'I'm going to take it to the house and score,'" Wale said. "But hopefully we will get the shot."

Wale seems to understand the role. In fact, he thinks there's another group which flies even lower in the radar.

"The kickers and punters, we get some recognition," Wale said. "I feel bad for the long snappers because they get zero."

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